Your Environment & Construction Specialists.

Team A1 Enviro is your environmental restoration expert in lead removal and other hazmat contaminants.

No job too big or too small. We are the team that will tackle them all. We can become your #1 environmental construction company.

Team A1 Eviro is an environmental services and construction services company made to deliver lead remediation, reclamation, hazmat cleaning, water, and soil sampling & assessments, facility maintenance, and construction contractor for any contaminated indoor or outdoor site. This can include Firing ranges, facilities, and factories, homes, offices, land, demolition sites with toxic, hazardous materials or chemicals. We have 20 years of experience serving developers/builders, industries, businesses, individuals, and government bodies. Rely on us for advice & consultation.

Our Professional Team

Dengiyefa Carter

President / Project Manager

Edwin Carter

VP / Construction Manager

Client Reviews

Thank you very much. Team A1 Enviro came through on our last project and the last 7 projects together. They are trustworthy and have maintained a professional attitude throughout. Thanks guys.

Eric M. Ballard

Our Client

I couldn’t have done it without them. They have all the equipment and personnel able and capable. It’s worth given ‘em a call.

Carol S. Lacroix

Our Client

From the start, we felt very comfortable and confident with Team A1 Enviro. The team did a phenomenal job and listened to all of our concerns and issues we needed to address the site remediation in progress. Everything was handled flawlessly with the fairest price. Thank you again.

David M. Torres

Our Client

Our Latest Work

Our vision is quality, value, and professionalism in what we do. Since we are accountable for our environment, we seek to go above and beyond expectations for a good purpose.

Why Choose Us

We’re known across Texas and the Southern US for our professional business when it comes to lead reclamation, site remediation, and cleaning. It can be difficult to contract the right company to do the best job possible but rest assured, when you choose us, you’ll have the right staff and the best equipment, and expertise in the business.

We ensure our Lead contaminants, cleaning, inspection, and sampling goes well from start to finish. We work with your budget, permits, management, costs, schedule, and treatments to best meet your project needs while minimizing downtime. When contaminants and environmental hazards are an issue, Call Team A1 Enviro, the pros in the business.


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