Environmental specialists in lead reclamation, site remediation, and cleaning.

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Construction Services & Contractor

We’re the construction contractors you can trust. Nationwide and state and local. we can help you from start to finish. We have much experience working with lead architects and engineers personnel to get the job done right the first time. We monitor, manage and inspect progress to ensure proper standards. This included hazmat codes, health and safety codes.

Expect Construction Services Such As:

  • Work and Worksite Management
  • Environmental Site Assessment Planning
  • Oversight & Inspection of Projects
  • Hazardous Material Inspection and Management
  • Health and Safety Protocols
  • Debris Removal
  • Design Services
  • Demolition
  • Site Restoration


Lead Reclamation

We pride ourselves on having the most proficient team in lead removal, lead reclamation, and lead recycling services in Texas. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor firing range, we serve our clients with the highest standards in the industry all while maintaining a great record with state, EPA, and OSHA standards.

Expect Reclamation Services Such As:

  • Lead Removal
  • Lead Reclamation
  • Lead Recycling
  • Hazmat Removal
  • Fine and Large Particle Removal & Recovery
  • Soil and Water Sampling
  • Safe Offsite Transport

Is your firing range in need of fast, quality, and affordable services?


Lead, Soil, and Environmental Remediation

At Team A1 Eviro we specialize in Environmental site cleaning up and new and existing construction. This involves site assessment and planning, investigations, hazardous material audits, and inspections. We can help avoid unforeseen contamination liabilities that may dangerously affect your development plans or operations. We are State, EPA, and OSHA compliant.

Expect Remediation Services Such As:

  • Lead Removal
  • Hazardous Material Removal
  • Soil Sampling and Treatment
  • Excavation
  • Cost Management
  • Permits
  • Facility Cleanup


Facility Cleaning and Maintenance

Is your facility in need of urgent cleaning? Look no further, we’re the pros in cleaning and treating all hazardous materials including lead contamination. We specialize in particle reduction in the air, on the floors, on walls including your air conditioning system.

Expect Cleaning and Maintenance Services Such As:

  • Lead Removal
  • Copper Removal
  • Brass Removal
  • Metal Debris Removal
  • Air Filters
  • Surface Disinfection

Additional Maintenance Services Include:

  • Minor Construction and Expansion
  • Window Installation
  • Landscaping Services


Surface, Water, Soil, and Waste Sampling

Looking to get accurate testing of your facility or land site? We provide testing and testing kits to give you a complete evaluation of any contaminated site. We can determine when cleaning is appropriate, how to optimize your site for optimum security, all while calculating the cost and time for our services without obligation.

Expect Sampling Services Such As:

  • Testing and Screening
  • Soil Testing
  • Hazardous Material Inspection
  • Groundwater Testing
  • Scheduled Cleaning and maintenance
  • Field operations
  • Consultations and Suggestions